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Exterior photograph of the front of Johnstown Elementary School at sunset.
JES Dean of Students Amanda Douglass & Principal Roben Wagoner
JES Dean of Students and Principal stand by wall decal declaring "IT's A Great Day To Be A Johnnie!"
Photo of teaching and administration staff of Johnstown Elementary gathered in gym.
"Leaders for Learning"Congratulations to Johnstown Elementary School Physical Education Teacher Megan York, 2024 Licking County Foundation “Leaders for Learning” recipient! Read More ▸
Leaders for Learning Award-Winner Megan York is surrounded by Licking County Foundation, students and District administrators in elementary school gym.
"Dress Like A Farmer Day," October 12, 2023
Elementary staff members dress in flannel and farm apparel for Dress for a Farmer Day, posing with scarecrows in front of elementary school
META STEAM Innovation Center unveiling at Johnstown Elementary, August 15, 2023
META representatives, others, work with students on devices in new JES STEAM
META STEAM Innovation Center unveiling at Johnstown Elementary, August 15, 2023
School Board members, administrators and META representatives gather for group photo at STEAM Lab opening
Students enter through elementary school door on first day of 2023-24 school year
Parent Hugs Child on First Day of School Year 2023-24 before student enters building
Johnstown Elementary Open House, August 14, 2023
JES parents, staff, children gather around sign during open house event
Elementary student in red shirt with red bow practicing STEAM exercise with craft parts at a table.
JES "Homecoming Spirit Week" Hat Day, Sept. 18, 2023
Students and instructor wear hats on playground as part of special spirit week "hat day"
JES "Homecoming Spirit Week" Hat Day, Sept. 18, 2023
STudent and principal wear funny hats for hat day at Johnstown Elementary
JES "Homecoming Spirit Week" Jonnie Day, Sept. 22, 2023
Elementary students and teacher wear Johnnie wear
JES Veterans Day CelebrationRead More ▸
Superintendent Dr. Philip Wagner speaks with Veterans during JES Veterans Day Salute
JES Veterans Day Celebration 2023Read More ▸
Teacher and students survey Wall of Honor featuring military family veterans photos
Johnstown-Monroe PTO Walk-A-Thon Day, September 29, 2023
Students and PTO members enjoy playing on inflatable attractions during Walk-A-Thon event.
Principal and students dressed as characters from "The Grinch" and stand by wall.
JIS and JES Administrators pose as elves
Family Math Night, January 2024
Teachers dressed in Candyland Game Costumes line up in gym.

Johnstown Elementary School


Photo of Principal Roben Wagoner
Welcome to the Johnstown Elementary webpage. It is with great pride that I serve as the principal at Johnstown Elementary School. I am honored to be joining the school district. I look forward to working with parents, staff and community members to ensure we continue the focus on meeting the needs of our students.

I look forward to partnering with you!

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