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Exterior photograph of the the front entryway to Johnstown Intermediate School
JIS Principal Mr. Ben Jagger
JIS Principal kneels on playground with students behind him for a photo for National Principals Month
Ohio Statehood CelebrationMarch, 2024
Student coloring Ohio Flag and Great Seal to mark anniversary of Ohio statehood.
JIS Veterans Day Parade November 2023
Scouts holding flags line up inside entrance of JIS for Veterans Day parade
JIS Veterans Day Celebration 2023Read More ▸
JIS instructor and students stand against wall, awaiting Veterans Day parade through school building
Intermediate School math students gather on stage following competition to use math skills to build and race model cars
JIS Veterans Day Celebration 2023Read More ▸
Students, faculty and local veterans gather in JIS auditorium for Q&A during Veterans Day event
Johnstown-Monroe PTO Walk-A-Thon day.
Principal dressed as a "Minion" Disney character greets arrive students for special Walk-A-Thon Day
JIS "Homecoming Spirit Week" USA Day, Sept. 18, 2023
Jis students gather in classroom to display their patriotic clothing for special theme day
JIS "Homecoming Spirit Week" Jersey/Sports Day, Sept. 21, 2023
Students and teacher gather for photo wearing sports jerseys for Spirit Week.
JIS students recognized during Spirit Rally, Sept. 29, 2023
Students standing or kneeling and holding certificates received for achievements during month of September 2023
Johnstown Police Officers read with students, Oct. 17, 2023
Johnstown Police officer reads book along with students in JIS media center.
JIS "Homecoming Spirit Week" Jersey/Sports Day, Sept. 21, 2023
Two staff members were OSU and Michigan gear for sports dress theme day
JIS Homecoming Spirit Week, September 2023
JIS students and teacher dressed in spirit wear gather on jungle gym for a group photo behind school.
Principal Jagger interacts with students in lunchroom during class transitions.
JIS Spirit Rally, September 29, 2023
JIS students sit in chairs for a game of musical chairs during Spirit Rally.
"I'll Be Home For Christmas" 2023 Performance
JIS students in Christmas sweaters and Santa hats stand on Opera House stage before vocal performance
JIS and JES Administrators pose as elves

Johnstown Intermediate School

Welcome to Johnstown Intermediate School!

A Word About Report Cards

Johnstown Intermediate School's report card is a hybrid card, containing two grades.
1.  Traditional Grades:  As we build a bridge to the future, we wanted to better prepare parents and students for the marks they will receive at middle school and beyond.  Each core subject will have a traditional letter grade.

2.  Standards-Based Marks:  As we have done in the past, we will continue to record the level of mastery of individual standards, or essential learnings, in each subject.

The marks are:

M: Mastery - Student performance meets the demands of the standard and/ or benchmark while demonstrating a firm grasp of concepts and procedures involved

AM: Approaching Mastery - Student understands relevant foundational concepts but requires support to meet the demands of the standard and/or benchmark

DV: Developing - Student is developing understanding of foundational concepts

L: Limited - Student has limited understanding of the foundational concepts, requiring consistent support

You'll notice report cards look very different this year.  We hope you will appreciate more room for comments and the dual grades.

Thank you for your patience as we work through the implementation of this part of PowerSchool.

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